Working Not Working
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Kate offers no shortage of helpful and hilarious insights on how she got to where she is now, from what goes into building and managing your own studio to handling creative rivalries, lawyers, and big companies that steal your work. Kate also flips the coin and offers advice on how creatives can avoid the trap of accidentally mimicking another artist: "I try and make it a rule in the studio: never have another piece of work on your screen while you're making work. If you have an internal memory of references and things you've absorbed over time, they will reknit themselves to a slightly distorted version of that concept or that visual thread. And then it will come out in a different way. And that's you. That's how you form your identity as a designer. Don't ever copy one to one."

For all of her creativity on full, brightly-colored display, Kate doesn't tout her own artistry. "I'm just a logical person that does things. I don't consider myself 'creative'... I'm a teacher's pet that happens to draw pictures."  
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